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Happy Birthday! How a Data Protection Breach Could Ruin Your Day.
This article addresses the following questions: When you wish an employee a happy birthday, does it breach data protection rules? And if so, what can you do to avoid a breach?

We celebrate other people's birthdays by wishing them well, thinking about them and how much they mean to us. We might send f...
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Can a new way of working, hybrid working, help foster diversity and productivity at your company?

The effectiveness of a hybrid work model at work

Employers and employees both want in-office collaboration, but they want it at different intervals. The old weekday, nine-to-five, in the office paradigm is increasingly becoming irrelevant. Many workers now enjoy the benefits of a combination of remot...

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The Forces Behind the New Way of Working.
Labour markets have undergone significant changes over the past couple of years because of COVID-19. The pandemic has sped up these labour market transformations and will continue to disrupt them. So far in 2022 we can see themes now shaping the future of what we know as work.

Remote & Hybrid Wor...
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Better Intercultural Skills are needed with Remote Work.

Remote working has been touted as a solution to the much-documented problem of overworking employees. But it does come with its own downsides too - namely, an increase in intercultural interactions due to these remote encounters. From the point of view of a company, these interactions can be advanta...

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Is the 9-5 work day finished?
People who have worked remotely are now more interested in getting more flexibility in the hours that they work. A recent survey by Adobe says: “51% of enterprise employees would like to have complete flexibility when it comes to their schedule which is in contrast to only 16% of respondents who sai...
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