Global On Demand RPO

This type of RPO solution HReset involves engaging outsourced recruiters to join your talent acquisition team for a specific project. It is a contract-based engagement with a third-party service provider who is aware of the company’s hiring policies. 

On-demand RPO provides hiring managers and internal recruitment teams with all the benefits of ‘traditional RPO’, but on a short-term basis. While recruitment process outsourcing is often considered as a long-term investment in permanent recruiting solutions, it is also a completely viable model to fill an immediate need for support without the same level of commitment.

It can be used to fill specific hard-to-source roles (technology-led positions, for example) or to add much-needed capacity to an internal team, without the permanent commitment to an RPO model. It’s particularly useful for resourcing teams that are struggling to fill or process certain roles as it provides access to an embedded outsourced team with the experience and knowledge to analyse employer branding and current recruitment solutions and develop a targeted campaign to attract and onboard high quality talent quickly.

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